Monday, November 18, 2013

You Think You Know But You Have No Idea !!!

 My Mamu Jaan is so cool, he's always on the cutting edge of technology learning and teaching me new things. I get to see a phone being fixed almost everyday. Today he decided to show me how to fix my first phone. First he takes his heat gun and takes out all the glue. Then he takes the cracked glass out. You probably never knew this, but the glass is so delicate that when you take it out everything falls apart. Then he took this sticky string and puts it around the new glass. He then takes the safety's of the new glass. Then he connects the new glass to the rest of the phone. Then he screws on these two pieces to the phone. One of the pieces was screwed on the bottom of the phone and one of them was screwed on the top. These pieces allow the other pieces to stick on which allowed the battery to go in. He let me put some screws in. And finally he put the back on. It was so cool. I had a great experience. Every time I hang out with him, I always learn something new !!!

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