Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders is our Best Chance at Beating Donald Trump

Two weeks ago, I was talking to a friend and he was telling me about how we need to stop Donald Trump. He made a false assumption that many Americans make and I don't blame them for that. I blame the establishment media. Anyways, he was telling me about how Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to beat Trump. I asked him where he got his facts from and he was blank. He was scurrying around until he finally said, "who cares about facts, it's obvious." Like I said, these are false assumptions that you believe but it's not your fault. The establishment media lies and you believe their lies and there bios opinions. In this blog, I am going to explode that myth. First of all, polls show that in the general election, Bernie Sanders is ahead of Trump by 11%. Hillary is winning against Trump by 3% and that lead is getting smaller everyday. You might be thinking, it's too early. That's a fair judgment that I will gladly consider which leads me to my next point. That point being independents everywhere can vote in the general election and that makes up much of Bernie's supporters and much of the voters overall. Now I understand that the chances of Bernie beating Hillary are slim right now, but don't tell me that it is impossible with a California primary coming up with about 500 delegates at stake. And don't tell me that Bernie should drop out so he could have a cabinet position with Hillary. The difference between Bernie and a regular politician is that Bernie is not doing this for himself, he is doing this for the American people and America's future. I urge you to rebel against the establishment media. Don't listen to what they have to say. They are completely bios. Mark my words: even if there is no chance of Bernie beating Hillary, it is important that Bernie stays in the race till the end because he will make the millennials life long, left-wing progressive Democrats. If Bernie doesn't win this time around, we will win the next one. Think about it: Bernie is only losing by 300 delegates with a bios establishment media not giving him any coverage and not taking money from Hench funds. When I say we will win the next one, I am not necessarily saying Bernie is going to win next time, I am saying the progressive movement will win next time! 

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