Thursday, January 24, 2013

Once a Century ago ....

I went to the Titanic Exhibit and learned a lot about the Titanic, the biggest ship in the world. I had a great experience !!! The Titanic was built one hundred years ago.

 If you went first class then it would cost $2,500 that in today's time would be equivalent to $57,900. The third class tickets cost $40 but today it would cost $900. There were over 2,000 people on the ship, 700 people survived. Captain Edward John Smith was in charge of the Titanic's vast crew of over 900 workers. Altogether 1,316 people bought tickets to the Titanic but there was more on board. 

The Titanic was going so fast that they bumped into an iceberg. Captain Smith has said, "I cannot conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel, modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that." Some families never saw each other again. The captain said to play music while the ship was sinking to keep everyone calm. There weren't enough lifeboats for everyone. The Titanic was going so fast that they couldn't turn when they saw the iceberg. For now the rest of the Titanic lies in a watery grave, far beneath the waves, at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

I learned a lot about the Titanic, after going to the Titanic Exhibit, I came home and read the book and watched the movie as well. If I were in charge of the Titanic then I would have enough lifeboats for all the people. I can't imagine being separated from my family. I feel very bad for the people who didn't survive. The sinking of the Titanic brought a lot of awareness and put a lot of safety measures in place for future sea vessels. Today millions of people enjoy taking cruises all around the world and feel comfortable & safe because of the safety measures that are now in place. 

Signing Off....