Friday, August 7, 2015

Minions Movie Review

Plot: The Minions have been trying to find a master to serve for centuries. Over the centuries they have served many creatures but they have a bad habit of accidentally killing their masters. The Minions become sad so Stuart, Kevin, and Bob go on a epic quest to find a evil master for them to serve.

I love sweet and tangy sauce on my chicken wings. If you gave me a full plate of sweet and tangy sauce with know chicken wings, I wouldn't be very happy. In this example, the Minions are the sweet and tangy sauce. They are great when added to something. They are still very funny and cute but when you make them main characters of a movie, they don't work. 

Another problem with this movie is that Scarlet Overkill (voiced as Sandra Bullock) is not seen a whole lot in this movie. She is the villain that the Minions have been looking for but when they find her, it's almost like she's gone from the movie. That is very disappointing because I feel that she could have been a very cool and funny villain. Sandra Bullock' voice acting was ok. I thought that John Hamm did an amazing job as Scarlet' husband, Herb Overkill. He was pretty funny as the overly romantic husband to the serious and professional Scarlet. I think both of them should have had a lot more screen time. 

Overall, I thought it was a good movie. It was funny at times but also very depressing. I don't think that the funny and adorable Minions can handle there own movie. It was tough rating this movie but i'll give it a 6/10. 

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

San Andreas Movie Review

Plot: When a massive earthquake hits San Francisco, Ray Gaines (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) a member of the LA Fire Department has to get through the earthquake to find his daughter and bring her and his ex-wife to safety. 

Hugo Johnstone (left) Art Parkinson (middle), and
Alexandra Daddario (right) are the real stars of the movie

I know Dwayne Johnson' name is on the top of the movies poster and he is one of the main reasons people want to see the movie but I feel that Alexandra Daddario is the real star of the movie who plays Ray' daughter. 

In this movie, I felt like I was in the characters situation. It was like I was on the whole journey with them. You don't find that in disaster movies. I give the actors a lot of credit for that. I also have to give a lot of credit to the movie director, Brad Peyton. He did a phenomenal job showing you the destruction and fear in this movie. 


This movie was great. It made me feel involved and it was way better then expected! I give this movie a 8/10 easily. 

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

East Coast Trip First Stop: Vegas

This summer, my family and I decided to take a trip to the west coast. I was pumped! Our first stop was Las Vegas. When we reached there, we saw lights from the airplane. We reached there by night time and it was so humid.

Fun Fact: Las Vegas is on complete desert!

My family and I went on a drive to see the strip! It's so beautiful that it's hard to explain how beautiful it really is! We stayed at the Paris Hotel which was really cool because they made it feel just like your in Paris! We also saw the New York Hotel. The next day we went to see the Hoover Dam!

Fun Fact: Las Vegas runs on Hydroelectricity which means Las Vegas does not run on electricity! That's where the Hoover Dam comes into play. The Hoover Dam generates power for the whole city of Las Vegas!

Then we went for my favorite part.... eating! We went to ChinChin which is the best dim sum restaurant i've ever eaten at and i've eaten a lot of good dim sum in the past! They have the best shrimp toast and corn soup! After eating a good meal, we went to the Hershey Store and the M&M Store and they both had super cool souvenirs! Next, we went to the Coke Store which also had some cool souvenirs. After shopping for souvenirs that looked yummy, my brother and I were eager for dessert! So we went for a float tasting at the Coke Store. We got a variety of Floats. It was a very yummy treat! During the night, we went to the Venetian Hotel. We went to see Carlos Bakery and Buddy from Cake Boss' restaurant!

Fun Fact: In case your wondering what Cake Boss is, Cake Boss is a TV show that airs on TLC.  If you have never watched it, I highly recommend that you do.

After continuous searching for a restaurant, we found Sushi Samba! We ate their Sushi (of course), Purple Mash Potato (actually really yummy), steak, and giant corn. The last day at Vegas, we went back to the Venetian Hotel for their famous Gondola Ride! It was so peaceful and relaxing. Our last stop in Vegas was the Ferrari Store. They had cool Ferrari merchandise! 

Next Stop..... LA!

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Las Vegas Airport
Hoover Dam
Best Corn Soup and Shrimp Toast In Vegas!
Hershey Store
Float Tasting
Float Flavors
Venetian Hotel
Carlos Bakery
Buddy's Restraunt
Sushi Samba
Venetian Hotel Lobby
Gondola Ride

Ferrari Store
Outside The Paris Hotel

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015 NBA Mock Draft Picks 6-10

6. Sacramento Kings: Justin Winslow

Justin Winslow is considered the best small forward in the 2015 NBA draft. Even though the Kings have Rudy Gay, Gay can play the power forward position in small ball. He is a shooter, scorer, defender, and rebounder who would be an excellent fit in Sacramento.

7. Denver Nuggets: Stanley Johnson

The Pistons have a huge gap to fill at the small forward position. Stanley Johnson would pair up with Kentavious-Caldwell-Pope to give Detroit a talented young perimeter duo. A big man like Myles Turner would make sense as the Pistons would need another big man if Greg Monroe is gone in free agency, which is likely, but the perimeter is a big need.

8. Charlotte Hornets: Devin Booker

The Hornets have Micheal-Kidd-Gilchrist, who just had his best season, at small forward, but they need a scorer and a go-to-shooter next to him so Devin Booker is a perfect fit. He is an elite scorer and can start for the Hornets on day one. 

10. Miami Heat: Myles Turner

The Heat are championship material when healthy and even though the power forward position isn't exactly a need for the Heat, Myles Turner is a skilled two way player who can be a strong weapon off the bench and can play with Chris Bosh or Hassan Whiteside. As the team is aging, they need to get someone who can help them now.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

2015 NBA Mock Draft Picks 1-5

1. Minnesota Timberwolves: Karl Anthony Towns

The Timberwolves could use a front court running mate for Nikola Pekovic. As the season progressed Karl Anthony Towns continued to develop, he moved into the conversations surrounding the top pick. I still think Jahlil Okafor is the best prospect in the draft but Karl Anthony Towns is a better fit for the Timberwolves.

2. Los Angeles Lakers: Jahlil Okafor

Jahlil Okafor is a terrific back-to-the-basket post scorer who knows how to carve out space inside with his wide body. He would be a building block inside for a Lakers franchise in need of a spark.

3. Philadelphia 76ers: D'Angelo Russell

The Philadelphia 76ers have developed their front court drafting Nerlons Noel, Dario Saric, and Joel Embid in the past 2 years, but they still have a huge gap to fill in their back court especially since they traded Michael Carter Williams. D'Angelo Russell is a lefty combo guard who is a
great scorer whether he's slashing to the bucket or shooting it from deep, plus he can even distribute the rock when running the point.

4. New York Knicks: Emmanuel Mudiay

Emmanuel Mudiay was supposed to play his freshman season at SMU but instead ended up playing professionally at China. He has NBA size and strength. This would be a good pick for a team in need of a spark.

5. Orlando Magic: Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis is a very skilled big man. The Magic have strong talent at the 1 through 5 so the organization should take the best prospect on the board which is arguably Porzingis. He is a unique player and with him Nikola Vucevic (Orlando's franchise center and player) and Aaron Gordon, the Orlando Magic would have the best young set of young big men.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 NFL Mock Draft Picks 26-32 End Of The First Round

26. Baltimore Ravens- Breshad Perriman, WR

The Ravens will be looking for an offensive weapon with one of their first couple of draft picks. The receiver position needs help; Torrey Smith has signed elsewhere, while Steve Smith turns 36 in May so he won't be around for long.

27. Dallas Cowboys- Jalen Collins, CB

The Cowboys desperately are in need for a new cornerback. Morris Claiborne has been a huge disappointment, while Brandon Carr is extremely overpaid. Dallas could target a potential upgrade at the end of the first round.

28. Denver Broncos- Cameron Erving, OT/G/C

Peyton Manning was playing on one leg to close out the season. His pass protection wasn't very good, and now it's worse because of Orlando Franklin's departure. The Broncos would be smart to make this adjustment so that Peyton Manning isn't banged around very much this upcoming season.

29. Indianapolis Colts- Landon Collins, S

The Colts don't exactly have the leagues best safety corps, as Dwight Lowery is just a disaster, while Mike Adams recently turned 34. They can certainly do better on the back end of their defense. Landon Collins, once projected to go top 10, might be a steal here.

30. Green Bay Packers- Eric Kendricks, ILB

The Packers will be extremely fortunate if Eric Kendricks drops to them at number thirty. Kendricks, the top inside linebacker in this draft class by a wide margin, would fill a huge need as he would allow Clay Matthews to play on the edge in 2015. Kendricks could be chosen by the Chiefs, Browns, Cardinals, Cowboys, Broncos and Colts. The Packers might have to trade up to address it's biggest hole.

31. New Orleans Saints- Phillip Dorsett, WR

Tony Pauline reported that Sean Payton was overheard gushing about Phillip Dorsett, remarking how well the Miami receiver would fit into their offense. I wouldn't even be surprised if he's chosen in the top 20.

32. New England Patriots- Eddie Goldman, DT

A receiver like Devin Smith is still in play for the Patriots, but they may have a tough time passing on a defensive tackle as talented as Eddie Goldman dropping to them at number 32. Considering Vince Wilfork's departure, and the fact that New England has other players at this position set to hit free agency next spring, Goldman makes a ton of sense if he's available.

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2015 NFL Mock Draft Picks 21-25

21. Cincinnati Bengals- Dorial Green-Beckham, WR

The Bengals don't always draft players with character issues; in fact, they haven't done that recently. However, they haven't hesitated to take troubled players in the past, and given that they're not capable of getting out of the first round, maybe they'll take a chance on Dorial Green-Beckham. Beckham would be a terrific number two target for Andy Dalton, and he would also draw attention away from A.J. Green.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers- Randy Gregory, DE/OLB

It always seems like a talented prospect falls to the Steelers every April, and that could be Randy Gregory this year. Pittsburgh is usually hesitant to select a conversion player in the first round but Gregory is too talented for the Steelers front office not to consider him. He would also fill a huge need as a edge rusher, as the Steelers definitely need to improve on their ability to get to the quarterback.

23. Detroit Lions- Melvin Gordon, RB  

Reggie Bush was released earlier in the offseason, so the Lions need to find someone to split the load with Joique Bell. Detroit's front office likes picking the top player available, and Melvin Gordon is that guy.

24. Arizona Cardinals, Malcom Brown, DE/DT

The Cardinals have lost a number of talented defensive players over the last couple of years. One is Darnell Dockett, who signed with the rival 49ers. Arizona has brought in Cory Redding, but the former Colt is 34. 

25. Carolina Panthers- Shaq Thompson, LB/S

Shaq Thompson told the media that he has gotten the most interest from the Panthers. That could mean nothing or that could mean everything. Carolina ' biggest needs are at receiver and at tackle but they could select the top prospect on the board to fill a lesser hole. The Panthers definitely need to find a third linebacker or a strong safety and they also need some backup plan for Thomas Davis, a 32 year old heading into his contract year.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 NFL Mock Draft Picks 16-20

16. Houston Texans- Todd Gurley, RB

You're probably wondering that out of all the teams in the NFL, why would the Texans, who have Arian Foster select Todd Gurley? Well, Todd Gurely would be too good for the Texans to pass up on, at number sixteen. The Texans don't have a quarterback, and it does not look like they are going to be able to get one this offseason. Brian Hoyer does not really count so they better make sure they can run the ball. Foster gets too many injuries and is unreliable. 

17. San Diego Chargers- Ereck Flowers, OT

I'd say San Diego's number one priority is protecting Phillip Rivers, but there has been some rumors that the front office could trade Rivers if they can somehow trade up for Marcus Mariota. That could happen and if it does, the Chargers top priority would be finding decent blocking for Mariota or Rivers. Offensive tackle is definitely in play at number seventeen and the Ereck Flowers selection would mean that King Dunlap or D.J Fluker would move inside.

18. Kansas City Chiefs, La'el Collins, G/OT 

The Chiefs had pass protection issues this past season. Only six teams surrendered more sacks and I doubt Andy Reid will pass on an offensive lineman in the first couple of rounds. Reid loves drafting lineman, and he's drafting La'el Collins who could easily go as high as number ten.

19. Cleveland Browns- D.J. Humphries, OT/G

The Browns have expressed the fact that they want to improve their offensive and defensive lines. This would be a great selection. The front office wanted to upgrade Mitchell Schwartz last year, with plans to move him inside. 

20. Philadelphia Eagles, Byron Jones, CB

The Eagles are obviously looking for a new cornerback to help their secondary. They signed Byron Maxwell, but they still need one more upgrade at this position. The most athletic player in the draft in the entire 2015 NFL Draft, Byron Jones will obviously interest the Eagles, who would love to select a cornerback like him. And yes, Jones could go this early. He showed lots of athleticism in the NFL Scouting Combine.

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