Thursday, March 29, 2018

Rick Santorum.... Remember Him?

"How about kids instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations that when there is a violent shooter that you can actually respond to that," Rick Santorum said 3 days ago on Sunday March 26th.

Rick Santorum is the new Senior Political Commentator for the Cable News Network (CNN) as he’s now being paid by them to be a Conservative pundit. You probably recognize his name from the 2012 Presidential Election as he was an aspirant for the Republican Party Nomination which he lost to Mitt Romney. Santorum is a former Pennsylvanian Senator and Congressman.
As an individual who has a following and history in the Republican Party, he still has influence as a senior of the party. One of the key positions his party has taken in the aftermath of the tragedy that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the midst of a school safety and gun violence debate all around the country is saying, that teachers should be armed with guns. Essentially, arguing that we should “fight fire with fire.” Obviously, there are many flaws in that proposal that could in large lead to catastrophe and a much bigger problem. For instance, what if a teacher were to react with their weapon to a law enforcement officer entering their classroom while a shooting was to happen or if a student were to steal the weapon from an irresponsible teacher. Teachers are already given the task of creating the leaders of tomorrow and giving students essential critical thinking skills that can help them make the right choices, but now, instead of the Conservative party in government focusing on gun control, they want government not to handle the issue and for teachers to handle it instead. It makes public opinion worse for the Republicans when you have a seasoned member of the party say, that instead of asking for government to pass legislation and stand with the American people in ensuring the safety of schools, students should learn CPR and how to respond to a shooter in the event of a shooting when students should be learning, comprehending and dealing with assignments in schools. If I were the one interviewing Senator
Santorum, I would ask him that with shootings all around the country occurring schools, night clubs, hotels and the 96 occurrences of someone being shot with a gun every single day, to go to the Republican Party establishment and demand that they stop shying away from the issues at hand and stop asking teachers and students to be scared to go to schools because there being asked to do the job of law enforcement but instead, sponsor and pass legislation that will call for gun purchase limits, background checks, age limits, and more control on guns. With all do respect to the former Pennsylvanian lawmaker, he did apologize for his comments by saying “I misspoke.” Still, it is absolutely unjustifiable in every aspect for an individual who felt he has the competence to be the President of the United States and a leader of the state of Pennsylvania to even think about uttering the words that he did on national television and he should be held accountable as a result. The worst part is that just recently, students organized 1,000 marches across the entire country with millions of people participating and many people like Santorum just sit there and say horrendous things about the students and survivors who are calling for action. It is disrespectful and it is just merely for political purposes. This is CNN’s model: It hires people like
Santorum to be as network president and boss Jeff Zucker once put it - “characters in a drama.” Their harassment and torment set off internal content feedback loops that can be milked and repeated for days, with the news organization’s anchors nobly crusading on the right side of history. And at the end of it all, everyone collects their checks.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kyrie Irving Wants To Leave the Best Job in Basketball for the Wrong Reason


 Kyrie Irving, star Point Guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers requested to be traded away to either the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, or Minnesota Timberwolves because he wants to be "out of Lebron's shadow" and "the offensive vocal point" for a team. The point that should be focused on is the blasphemy of Kyrie Irving's reasoning for wanting to leave Cleveland.

  LeBron James does something on the basketball court that many NBA players will never be able to accomplish, no matter how transformative or talented they are, he makes his team better, just like Micheal Jordan did. When he first came to the NBA, he led a Cleveland Cavaliers team that no one predicted would make the playoffs, to the NBA finals. That Cavs team's best player not named LeBron James was Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who was a decent player who added value to his team but not a player who you would think would be the second best player on a playoff contender. LeBron then left Cleveland and joined the Miami Heat where he got veteran players to take pay cuts and stars to join his dynasty where they won 2 NBA Titles. Now more recently, LeBron came back to his hometown and lured more talent to Cleveland as well as elevating many players leading Cleveland to its first NBA Title ever. The message that I am trying to portray is that when you play next to LeBron James, you know that you are going to win consistently and you will become a better player in the process. 

  The part that I find most disgraceful and mind blowing about Kyrie Irving wanting to leave Cleveland is that he says he wants to be the "offensive vocal point" of a team. This doesn't make sense because Kyrie takes more shots than anyone on the Cavaliers including LeBron and when it comes time for the finals, he doesn't even have to guard the best player. Additionally, the teams that are most likely to get him don't necessarily fit this agenda. If he goes to the Spurs, he won't be the offensive star because of Kawhi Leonard, and while he won't be in LeBron's shadow, there is another major shadow in San Antonio owned by Gregg Popovich. In Minnesota, Kyrie would not have as many offensive looks because there are too many offensive weapons including Andrew Wiggins, Karl
Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler who will all be fighting for opportunities on the offensive side of the ball. Plus Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau would make Kyrie actually play defense. In Miami, there is the shadow of Pat Riley which even overshadowed LeBron when he was in Miami. And lastly in New York, while you would probably the offensive star, why in the world would you want to deal with the dysfunction and disaster in New York in the first place. At the end of the day, it doesn't make sense to give up the chance to go to the NBA finals every year, take more shots than any other player on the team and get to have your game elevated by the magic of LeBron James to go to any of the teams Kyrie has on his wish list.

  In conclusion, it doesn't make any sense for Kyrie to leave Cleveland and not even achieve his ridiculous agenda of staying out of someone's shadow and wanting to be the offensive star for a team because LeBron is a shadow that you should want to be in and the teams he wants to go to don't support his agenda while in fact, he would be a less effective and more of a non-existent offensive star on the other teams Kyrie has proposed 

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2017 National Speech and Debate Tournament

Recently I had the honor to compete in the 2017 Speech and Debate Nationals Tournament and came 5th in the nation in Extemporaneous Speaking. Speech and Debate is very important. It allows students to share their views about what they see and feel and it gives students confidence. It is essential that students have access to this valuable tool especially in a time where more than anything, we need people to speak out and help communities through activism. Speech and Debate gives the next generation the tools to do so.

Giving these tools to the next generation is exactly what speech and Debate does and whether they understand the magnitude and the long term momentous impact that has or not, it must be recognized and noted as positive . The next generation is the generation that will end global corruption, solve the epidemic of climate change, enhance workers rights, give free access to healthcare and education for all, solve cancer, end police brutality, lead us into a society that is not dominated by industry and ultimately lead the world into a more modernized, equal and fair society and the fact that Speech and Debate is providing an outlet for the next generation to come up with solutions and think critically without any barriers is remarkable. 

I have learned so much from Speech and Debate and skills that I know I will always use. I have seen so many individuals grow in Speech and Debate. I want to thank my parents, coaches, teachers, and fellow students for inspiring me and motivating me and I hope that more schools give students the amazing opportunity I am lucky to have and spectacular people around them to support them. 

This is a message to every middle and high school, if you do not offer Speech and Debate, you are robbing the next generation from a skill that is of immense importance and if you are a school that has Speech and Debate but does not care about the program, than you do not care about the success of your students and country and that in itself is a crime. How can you teach invaluable lessons like the history of Mesopotamia and what an isosceles triangle is but not teach students skills that Speech and Debate teaches you.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Healthcare Plan the Corporate Democrats Should Get Behind

  It is very clear that there are two wings of the Democratic Party. One wing is the corporatist wing that bows down to the lobbyists that fund their campaigns. The other wing is the progressive wing that wants to bring change to the party and is the wing that actually does their job and serves the people, not the lobbyists. The progressive wing of the party has proposed a healthcare plan that the entire party should get behind. There are 5 important individuals who are leading the charge for this plan. The first being Bernie Sanders. Bernie said on an interview on MSNBC,

"We have to have the guts to take on the insurance companies and drug companies and move forward to a medicare for all single payer program and i'll be introducing legislation to do that."

  Bernie Sanders is essentially proposing a healthcare plan that the rest of the developed world already uses and is working for them. Were going to get back to why this is a common sense plan but I want to first discuss the next person who is important in this charge. Keith Ellison, the Deputy Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and progressive Congressman said,

"We are in a position to not only fight these people back, not just to get back to the status quo, but to create a whole new reality. Don't just be satisfied with defeating TrumpCare. Set your sights on creating Medicare for All. Think about what America would be like if you could just do something as simple as going to the doctor."

  Congressman Ellison is one of the Co-Sponors for a bill in Congress that is for Medicare for All. This leads me to Congressman John Conyers who is a very progressive Congressman and is considered the Dean of Congress because of his experience. He is the sponsor and the creator of the "Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act." I want to point out that these pushes for progressive policies used to be Bernie fighting by himself. Now, others are joining him like Elizabeth Warren indicating she wants to go in that direction

A single-payer national health care system should be at the "top of the list" if there's talk of re-jiggering the nation's health care Warren said. When a reporter asked her about ObamaCare she said, "Obamacare is laden with Republican ideas, she also noted the legislation is based on the health care reform bill passed in Massachusetts under Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican.

  Senator Jeff Merkley, the senator from Oregon who was the only senator to endorse Bernie Sanders in the presidential primaries also spoke about this issue. He said, "There are plenty of ideas already on the table that would make healthcare more affordable for working families,  from a public option to prescription drug negotiations, to offering older Americans the chance to buy into Medicare. I'm happy to work with anyone from either side of the aisle to explore these or any other ideas that would improve healthcare for working Americans." 
(Left to Right) Senator Jeff Merkley, Congressman John Conyers, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Deputy DNC Chairman and Congressman Keith Ellison and Senator Bernie Sanders

  This is some good progress from our senators and congressman. So now the question in do the people actually want Medicare for All? I had someone ask me that question recently so let's look at what the people say. The Kaiser Family Foundation did a poll and they found that nearly two thirds (64%) of Americans say they have a positive reaction to the term Medicare for All."

  Lets not mistake ourselves. Two thirds is not a small amount. It's not 51% or 55%, but nearly two thirds of Americans are for Medicare for All. It is preposterous that the Democrats think that is a difficult position to get behind. If your still skeptical about this clear reaction from the people, Pew Research Center says that "60% of Americans say the government should be responsible for ensuring health care coverage for all Americans."

 This is a clear reaction from the people saying that they want the government to run healthcare because it isn't working in the hands of the insurance and pharmaceutical industry who do everything in their power to make an extra buck. TrumpCare is a disaster and ObamaCare is half of what the people want, so let's go get exactly what the people want. There is a 22% lead on this issue even when you frame it as the government running healthcare which there not, there just replacing the middle man. So I ask the Democratic Party, when are you going to fight for things that are popular amongst the American people? You might be thinking that both parties should be fighting for something that has overwhelming support in a "democracy." That's exactly the problem! The Republicans hate this legislation because they work for their rich donors who are the insurance companies that just want more tax cuts. So what's holding the Democrats up? This is clearly an issue to get behind that has massive support. If you haven't figured it out by now, they both (Democrats and Republicans) have the same donors. The 5 Democrats that I wrote about are on the right side of the issue. The problem is all of the other Democrats aren't.

 Here's the good news, we the people outnumber the donors and the corporate politicians. We have the power to make change and fight the corporatists who influence our government only to make a profit and benifet themselves and not the American people. Our politicians job is to represent you. Lets make sure that happens. Call or email your congressman and senators about this issue, sign petitions and get involved. 
You can click on the underlined words above to find out more information about how you can make a difference.

Lets make sure we're represented

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Raiders Move to Vegas and There Were Lots of Politics Were Involved

  The notion that everything happens in an orderly fashion is outrageous. Politics in involved in almost everything. There is politics in our politics and there is politics in our sports. Today, the NFL scheduled a vote to move the Raiders to Vegas. 31 owners voted "yes" and 1 owner voted "no". That owner was Stephen Ross, the Miami Dolphins owner. 

Ross told Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, 
“My position today was that we as owners and as a League owe it to fans to do everything we can to stay in the communities that have supported us until all options have been exhausted” 

  When we look at Miami and the landscape in terms of their market, they are a glamor franchise. Miami is a market where free agents want to come to and I don't think Ross likes the idea of having another glamor franchise in the NFL.

 This leads me to the most powerful individual in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Jerry advocated for the Raiders move to Vegas because San Antonio was another rumored destination and many Cowboys fans are in San Antonio so that would take a lot of that fan base away. Plus, the
Cowboys are the most popular team in Texas. Jerry is a businessman so he knows that if the very popular Raiders move to Texas, that is bad for business. 

"I thought it was somebody joking with me when they came out here about the Raiders going to San Antonio," the Cowboys owner told reporters on Tuesday. "So I don't have any comment, other than how valued I feel, and the Cowboys feel about our fans in San Antonio."

"The Cowboys owner called San Antonio "a great city and a great sports town," saying that he's never given a thought to Texas housing three NFL teams. Neither has the NFL, with spokesman Greg Aiello telling the San Antonio Express-News on Tuesday that the league has "received no applications from any of our teams to relocate at this point, so there is nothing for us to respond to."

Jerry Jones tries to bring up the point that it would be crazy to have three teams in Texas.

"I am very pleased that we have the fan base that we have down there and the percentage of fans we have (in San Antonio)," Jones said. "I think it is 97, 98, 99 percent Cowboys fans in the area. But it doesn't surprise me at all."

He also brings up the point that there are many Cowboys fans in that area.

  It is very clear that Jerry does not like the idea of a team moving to San Antonio. This leads me to my next point which makes me start off by stating that Jerry Jones is very good friends with Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Rams. 

"I’m a real fan of Stan Kroenke,” Jones said, via Steve Wyche of NFL Network. “I’m really a fan of Los Angeles and having the NFL have a major posture relative to the sports scene in Los Angeles.
“Stan is outstanding. He’s been outstanding in the NFL and he's the kind of people you want to be with.”
  When the Rams wanted to move to Los Angelos, Jerry Jones was the first one to say, "Owners should respect Stan Kroenke's right to move"
Clearly, Jerry Jones and Stan Kroenke are very good friends and I think the other reason Jerry wanted the Raiders in Las Vegas is because Stan didn't want another team in L.A. According to the Harris Poll, "Oakland Raiders are a top 15 NFL Team in terms of Popularity" Oakland is a popular team. Right now, the Rams are the most popular team in L.A but if the Raiders came to L.A that would change. I think Stan told Jerry that there is no way he could have another team in L.A after the Chargers just moved there.
  So, Jerry Jones at the end of the day didn't want the Raiders in San Antonio because that is bad for the Cowboys and business in Texas and he didn't want it in L.A because that is bad for his ally Stan Kroenke so he orchestrated a plot to send them to Vegas

  So what was Jerry's response to all of this? NFL Media's Ian Rapaport reported that when Jones was asked about the Raiders moving to Vegas, he said,  It is an exciting day." 
  That wasn't his reaction when the Raiders were going to move to San Antonio so this was definitely a political play on Jerry Jones' part to make sure he and his allies were happy

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sinan's Prediction and What's Next

I believe that Hillary will win the election based on the polls but nothing is for certain. I guarantee you that Hillary will fight for right-wing and corrupt policies from day one. She won't fight for us and end the corruption in this country, but she will continue to represent the corruption just like Bill Clinton did as president. Bill fought for NAFTA and made a secret deal with Newt Gingrich (Speaker of the House at the time) to privatize social security. It didn't happen because of Monica Lewinski. He also deregulated the telecommunications industry and as a result, the 6 biggest companies own 90% of our media. Those same companies give "bribe money" to politicians so the media is biased as a result. Hillary will fight for the same conservative policies. She would probably privatize social security and support the TPP. She would probably not stand up against climate change because she takes money from oil companies. She wouldn't fight for us, she would fight for her donors.

Whatever happens, we have to fight for our democracy back. The corrupt media will tell you that the general election is the most important but they are wrong. Activism and demanding for free and fair elections is the most important.

I hope everyone sees the mess the establishment has put us through. They put a corrupt Hillary Clinton who is dealing with email scandals against a toxic and childish Donald Trump. They not only did this in the presidential elections but also in the senate elections. I'll give you an example of the Florida senate election. We could have had a progressive and strong Alan Grayson going up against a corrupt Marco Rubio but instead, the Democratic establishment put Paul Murphy up against him. Paul Murphy is right-wing and corrupt. They believed in him and guess what happened, he lost!

Good Luck America and remember, whatever happens, we will hold our politicians accountable

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Trump's "Celebrity Cabinet"


  I found a really interesting article I wanted to share with you. Before you bubble in Donald Trump's name on your ballot, think about the blasphemy in the people he surrounds himself with. People very close to the Trump campaign leaked a list of top potential candidates for some of the most important cabinet positions. First, of, he wants Newt Gingrich as his Secretary of State. Imagine the destruction this guy can do with other countries. Newt Gingrich is the guy who said the United Nations is a corrupt bureaucracy that protects dictators. This is the guy who has a chance of making our foreign policy. Secondly, for attorney general, Trump wants Rudy Guliani. If you hated stop and frisk in New York, get ready because it's about to happen on a national level. For Cheif of Staff, the lead advisor to the president, Trump surprisingly wants RNC Chairman Reince Priebus probably because no other GOP leadership has supported him. The last name that I want to discuss, is Trump's campaign finance director and former Goldman Sachs CEO, Steven Mnuchin!!! Now if you know me, you know how I feel about corrupt corporations like Goldman Sachs. Trump is supposed to be a "Washington Outsider" and according to him, he is "self-funding" his campaign. Obviously, that is not true and he's a horrible businessman who doesn't know how to manage his money so he needs to "borrow" money. Steven Mnuchin as corrupt as it gets. He has donated over $120,000 in "bribe money" over the past two decades. According to Politico, "He gave $7,000 to Clinton’s 200 and 2006 Senate bids, and also contributed to her 2008 Democratic presidential campaign. He contributed $2,300 to President Barack Obama’s 2007 presidential campaign. 
In 2011 he contributed $2,500 on two occasions to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and gave $20,000 to the Republican National Committee in 2012. He has also contributed to John Edwards, Chuck Schumer, Rudy Giuliani, Al Gore and John Kerry," These are the corrupt and dangerous people who might advise the next president. Let's make sure these people stay out of power. There is a reason they don't have power. Let's keep it that way.
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