Thursday, March 10, 2016

If Republicans are Serious About Stopping Trump, Rubio Needs to Drop-Out Immediately

Conservative Outfitters asked 28,000 Voters if Marco Rubio should drop out.
 An overwhelming 90% said Rubio should drop out!

  2 days ago, Donald Trump won Mississippi and Michigan. There was no surprise Trump won Mississippi but in Michigan, there was a chance that John Kasich was going to win and if he did, this probably would not be a segment I would write about. In Michigan, Trump had 37%, Kasich had 25%, Cruz had 24% and Rubio had 9%. The obvious biggest loser of yesterday was Marco Rubio. Rubio only had 9% in Michigan and 5% in Mississippi. Republicans say that if Trump wins the presidency, it will be the end of the Republican party. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan along with other conservative politicians are already trying to come up with an alternative to the Republican Party!

If I am a donor, I would go to Rubio right now and say, listen, I can't have you in the race taking away votes from John Kasich in Ohio. You're probably wondering if this is a typo. It is not a typo. Yes, John Kasich because my least favorite candidate is Donald Trump, my second least
favorite is Ted Cruz (which is what the donors are thinking right now) so I would take a big gamble and see if John Kasich could have a great showing on March 15th and maybe even win Illinois. If he can't, Kasich needs to get out immediately and they need to invest everything we got in Cruz to take on Trump and hopefully get a good result. Now, why would you want Rubio to drop out oppose to Kasich? Because Rubio is getting destroyed everywhere and is losing by a large margin in his home state of Florida but Kasich has not emerged yet and he has a great shot at Ohio. According to Market Watch, "Kasich has an 8% chance of winning the nomination, Rubio has a 6% chance." That's pretty good for someone who was polling last in almost all of the primaries, projected to win in his home state of Ohio and his expectations are low opposed to Marco Rubio who had high expectations and is losing by 20% in his home state of Florida. 

  In conclusion, Rubio should drop out. The media and donors should take a big gamble on Kasich because he has a great shot at Ohio and possibly Illinois with hope that Kasich can beat Trump. If that doesn't work out, invest everything into Cruz.

  Note, I do not support John Kasich but at the same time I have nothing against Kasich. I am just explaining that the next move the Republicans should make is having Rubio drop-out and taking a chance and attempt to make Kasich their mainstream candidate. 

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