Friday, August 7, 2015

Minions Movie Review

Plot: The Minions have been trying to find a master to serve for centuries. Over the centuries they have served many creatures but they have a bad habit of accidentally killing their masters. The Minions become sad so Stuart, Kevin, and Bob go on a epic quest to find a evil master for them to serve.

I love sweet and tangy sauce on my chicken wings. If you gave me a full plate of sweet and tangy sauce with know chicken wings, I wouldn't be very happy. In this example, the Minions are the sweet and tangy sauce. They are great when added to something. They are still very funny and cute but when you make them main characters of a movie, they don't work. 

Another problem with this movie is that Scarlet Overkill (voiced as Sandra Bullock) is not seen a whole lot in this movie. She is the villain that the Minions have been looking for but when they find her, it's almost like she's gone from the movie. That is very disappointing because I feel that she could have been a very cool and funny villain. Sandra Bullock' voice acting was ok. I thought that John Hamm did an amazing job as Scarlet' husband, Herb Overkill. He was pretty funny as the overly romantic husband to the serious and professional Scarlet. I think both of them should have had a lot more screen time. 

Overall, I thought it was a good movie. It was funny at times but also very depressing. I don't think that the funny and adorable Minions can handle there own movie. It was tough rating this movie but i'll give it a 6/10. 

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