Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Miami Auto Show 2013

One of the things I really look forward to every year is going with my Dad to the Auto Show.
It's always a very enjoyable and cool experience to go with Dad as he knows everyone there and I get to see all the new and upcoming cars and models. 

This year was no different, from the time my dad had mentioned we were going to go over the weekend, I just couldn't wait for Saturday to come.

On our way to the Auto Show, all I could think about was when we were going to get there.
 My parents said they had three Lamborghini's this year and I was pretty psyched about that.
We got to the Auto show and there was bad news sitting right in front of me, there was a sign which  had a list of cars that weren't there and the bad part was..... there was Ferrari on the list...but my disappointment didn't last too long as they did have Lamborghini's  and they are faster then Ferrari's. 

Then we saw a lot of cars. Just in case you don't know, there is a Hot Wheels Edition of cars and yes, I mean real cars. My brother just jumped in all the cars. See, one of the important things about cars to me is the size, I don't like those teeny tiny cars. I'm more of a Big and fast car kinda person.
The Lamborghini's looked awesome !!! Then we saw some of those old - fashioned/ antique cars.

It was totally cool to be able to see so many different manufacturer's all under one roof.

So the question is :  Was this year's Auto Show any good? Yes, of course it was. 

I definitely recommend you visit the Auto Show, next year .... it's a fun and has something for everyone in the family to enjoy..... I hope this blog will make you want to go to the Auto show.

Signing Off....

My Summer Stop at the Smokeys !!!

Last week my parents, brother & I spent a few days at  the Wilderness Hotel in Smokey Mountains.This hotel has a water park inside it. The water park had a wave pool which was where I spent most of my time. It had four water slides. One of the water slide kept turning, the other one was for four people and had small drops but the hardest of all of them had a big drop and the worst part was that when I went on it with my dad, I somehow ended up in the backward position and had no control or clue as to where I was heading and what was happening.

My brother and I had a great time. 
During the evening's we explored the town and there were a lot of cool and fun things to do. My mom and I went to a mirror maze, I have to say it was really easy and they should definitely make it more challenging. We also went to a 5d Movie which was fun. It was interactive. I enjoyed eating funnel cake and couldn't get enough of it !!! 

We even managed to squeeze in a pretty fun dinner show called Hatfeild and Mcoy which is about   two feuding family's.
I had an incredible experience at Magic Quest, which is an interactive world, like the world of Harry Potter . It is basically like a scavenger hunt where you are given a wand and you have to complete the given missions and you gain power. Very interesting stuff. I felt transported back in time to when there were knights, dragons & wizards.....

Hiking & taking pictures from the top of the mountains was very cool too... I would definitely recommend visiting the Smokies for a relaxing and adventurous getaway.
 Can't wait until next time !!! 

Signing Off,