Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kyrie Irving Wants To Leave the Best Job in Basketball for the Wrong Reason


 Kyrie Irving, star Point Guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers requested to be traded away to either the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, or Minnesota Timberwolves because he wants to be "out of Lebron's shadow" and "the offensive vocal point" for a team. The point that should be focused on is the blasphemy of Kyrie Irving's reasoning for wanting to leave Cleveland.

  LeBron James does something on the basketball court that many NBA players will never be able to accomplish, no matter how transformative or talented they are, he makes his team better, just like Micheal Jordan did. When he first came to the NBA, he led a Cleveland Cavaliers team that no one predicted would make the playoffs, to the NBA finals. That Cavs team's best player not named LeBron James was Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who was a decent player who added value to his team but not a player who you would think would be the second best player on a playoff contender. LeBron then left Cleveland and joined the Miami Heat where he got veteran players to take pay cuts and stars to join his dynasty where they won 2 NBA Titles. Now more recently, LeBron came back to his hometown and lured more talent to Cleveland as well as elevating many players leading Cleveland to its first NBA Title ever. The message that I am trying to portray is that when you play next to LeBron James, you know that you are going to win consistently and you will become a better player in the process. 

  The part that I find most disgraceful and mind blowing about Kyrie Irving wanting to leave Cleveland is that he says he wants to be the "offensive vocal point" of a team. This doesn't make sense because Kyrie takes more shots than anyone on the Cavaliers including LeBron and when it comes time for the finals, he doesn't even have to guard the best player. Additionally, the teams that are most likely to get him don't necessarily fit this agenda. If he goes to the Spurs, he won't be the offensive star because of Kawhi Leonard, and while he won't be in LeBron's shadow, there is another major shadow in San Antonio owned by Gregg Popovich. In Minnesota, Kyrie would not have as many offensive looks because there are too many offensive weapons including Andrew Wiggins, Karl
Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler who will all be fighting for opportunities on the offensive side of the ball. Plus Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau would make Kyrie actually play defense. In Miami, there is the shadow of Pat Riley which even overshadowed LeBron when he was in Miami. And lastly in New York, while you would probably the offensive star, why in the world would you want to deal with the dysfunction and disaster in New York in the first place. At the end of the day, it doesn't make sense to give up the chance to go to the NBA finals every year, take more shots than any other player on the team and get to have your game elevated by the magic of LeBron James to go to any of the teams Kyrie has on his wish list.

  In conclusion, it doesn't make any sense for Kyrie to leave Cleveland and not even achieve his ridiculous agenda of staying out of someone's shadow and wanting to be the offensive star for a team because LeBron is a shadow that you should want to be in and the teams he wants to go to don't support his agenda while in fact, he would be a less effective and more of a non-existent offensive star on the other teams Kyrie has proposed 

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2017 National Speech and Debate Tournament

Recently I had the honor to compete in the 2017 Speech and Debate Nationals Tournament and came 5th in the nation in Extemporaneous Speaking. Speech and Debate is very important. It allows students to share their views about what they see and feel and it gives students confidence. It is essential that students have access to this valuable tool especially in a time where more than anything, we need people to speak out and help communities through activism. Speech and Debate gives the next generation the tools to do so.

Giving these tools to the next generation is exactly what speech and Debate does and whether they understand the magnitude and the long term momentous impact that has or not, it must be recognized and noted as positive . The next generation is the generation that will end global corruption, solve the epidemic of climate change, enhance workers rights, give free access to healthcare and education for all, solve cancer, end police brutality, lead us into a society that is not dominated by industry and ultimately lead the world into a more modernized, equal and fair society and the fact that Speech and Debate is providing an outlet for the next generation to come up with solutions and think critically without any barriers is remarkable. 

I have learned so much from Speech and Debate and skills that I know I will always use. I have seen so many individuals grow in Speech and Debate. I want to thank my parents, coaches, teachers, and fellow students for inspiring me and motivating me and I hope that more schools give students the amazing opportunity I am lucky to have and spectacular people around them to support them. 

This is a message to every middle and high school, if you do not offer Speech and Debate, you are robbing the next generation from a skill that is of immense importance and if you are a school that has Speech and Debate but does not care about the program, than you do not care about the success of your students and country and that in itself is a crime. How can you teach invaluable lessons like the history of Mesopotamia and what an isosceles triangle is but not teach students skills that Speech and Debate teaches you.

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