Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2017 National Speech and Debate Tournament

Recently I had the honor to compete in the 2017 Speech and Debate Nationals Tournament and came 5th in the nation in Extemporaneous Speaking. Speech and Debate is very important. It allows students to share their views about what they see and feel and it gives students confidence. It is essential that students have access to this valuable tool especially in a time where more than anything, we need people to speak out and help communities through activism. Speech and Debate gives the next generation the tools to do so.

Giving these tools to the next generation is exactly what speech and Debate does and whether they understand the magnitude and the long term momentous impact that has or not, it must be recognized and noted as positive . The next generation is the generation that will end global corruption, solve the epidemic of climate change, enhance workers rights, give free access to healthcare and education for all, solve cancer, end police brutality, lead us into a society that is not dominated by industry and ultimately lead the world into a more modernized, equal and fair society and the fact that Speech and Debate is providing an outlet for the next generation to come up with solutions and think critically without any barriers is remarkable. 

I have learned so much from Speech and Debate and skills that I know I will always use. I have seen so many individuals grow in Speech and Debate. I want to thank my parents, coaches, teachers, and fellow students for inspiring me and motivating me and I hope that more schools give students the amazing opportunity I am lucky to have and spectacular people around them to support them. 

This is a message to every middle and high school, if you do not offer Speech and Debate, you are robbing the next generation from a skill that is of immense importance and if you are a school that has Speech and Debate but does not care about the program, than you do not care about the success of your students and country and that in itself is a crime. How can you teach invaluable lessons like the history of Mesopotamia and what an isosceles triangle is but not teach students skills that Speech and Debate teaches you.

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  1. I thought ur name was sinnan~ u know who this is

  2. I thought ur name was sinnan~ u know who this is