Monday, May 23, 2016

Why the Homework System Does Not Work

  I get a lot of criticism when it comes to my position on the U.S school system. Before I go on, I would like to clarify, I strongly believe in education but I also strongly believe in education reform. Let's start of with some statistics. The U.S ranks 17th in education. (25th in Math, 17th in Science and 14th in reading).
I was talking to a friend about the U.S school system compared to the rest of the world. That friend was telling me that the U.S school system is the best, always was the best and always will be the best.  This really proves that we are stuck in a bubble. When I say I am against the homework system, I am not saying it for my benefit as a student, I am saying it for the future of America. The U.S school system has evolved but the purpose of the system has not evolved. The purpose of the U.S school system is to create employees not employers. Robert Kiyosaki has said on multiple occasions, "The school system teaches kids to work hard for money rather than have money work hard for them." The homework system has a lot to do with that. The U.S school system is designed in such a way that the A students work for the C students due to the fact that the A
students are hard workers as they always work hard for the best grade. Finland is number 1 in education and they do not have homework. All work is done in the classroom where they make mistakes rather than do the work at home and have the support of parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.

  With no homework system, kids will make mistakes and people don't learn from success. People learn from mistakes and when a student takes a test or does homework, it is about getting it over with, and then forgetting what they learned. If a student does bad on a test or on a homework assignment, they won't learn what they did wrong. That is why the homework system does not work and most of the major countries in the world do not use the system.

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