Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Does Bernie Sanders Have A Chance In New York? Better Yet, Does He Have A Chance To Win The Nomination?

Today is the New York Primary and is very important due to the fact that there are over two hundred pledged delegates at stake. Bernie Sanders is trailing in the polls by 3.9% as Hillary Clinton has 53% and Bernie Sanders has 47%. It is a crucial primary for Sanders to win because if he wins, even though he will be a little bit behind in the delegate count, I think he becomes a favorite again. So, what if Arizona is the last state Hillary Clinton will win? Now, I understand that she is leading big in Maryland but she still is nearly winning in New York and Pennsylvania as the lead is getting smaller every day. New York and Pennsylvania are voting on March 26th and there are even more delegates on the 26th then today. What if he wins both of those? There is something important but outrageous I must clarify about Bernie Sanders that the establishment media constantly gets wrong and that is the fact that she is only leading by 194 delegates. If you go to CBS or NBC, they’ll tell you that she is winning by over six hundred! They count super delegates but the super delegates have not voted yet. Even the DNC says that you shouldn’t count them because they haven’t voted yet and very often, super delegates switch their votes. That’s what happened in last election when Hillary Clinton’s super delegates switched to Obama! So there is two possibilities. The first is that the establishment media don’t know what there doing at don’t know anything about politics or they’re purposely lying about it. So NBC, CBS and all the other media that does that, make note of which one you prefer because they did not vote yet and they often switch their vote. The actual delegate count is 1,299 for Clinton and 1,205 for Sanders. That is much closer then any of the media says it is. He has won the last 8 out out of 9 states. Did you know that there are 20 caucuses and 20 primaries left to go? Did you know that over 1,600 delegates are left to go? And can a 194 delegate lead be made up with over 1,600 delegates left? Of course it can! The media is always saying that Cruz can catch up to Trump and it’s such a close race while on the Democratic side, they say that Sanders should drop out and if he’s going to stay in the race, he should tone it down. That’s what I hear everyday on television. Do you want to know the truth? Trump has twice as big of a lead on Cruz than Clinton has on Sanders. So is Bernie Sanders still in this race? Yes he’s still in this race! The establishment media has already made their bet on Hillary Clinton because there is no way they want Bernie Sanders coming in there and fixing corruption in politics that is leading to 4.4 billion dollars and political TV ads. So, do you think the media is going to come and help Bernie Sanders and take 4.4 billion dollars out of their pocket? Not a chance! Instead there going to say, come on, this race is already over! Don’t vote for Bernie, don’t vote for Bernie in New York. Don’t vote for him in California. Please stay at home, please! Don’t take our money away. And that’s what the corporate media is doing. The reality is this is a very close race and yes, New York is huge but there are still many delegates in many other states. They have put Bernie in this position before and what did he do? He went on a massive run winning states left and right. During that run, what did they tell you? They said oh, none of those matter! Those states are weird, their western, etc. They found every excuse in the world to dismiss those wins. In Wisconsin, there was a headline that read, Bernie Sanders will win but they won’t matter anyways. It doesn’t even matter how large his win his wins are because according to the media, Bernie Sanders is not allowed to win!

Signing Off…..