Friday, June 3, 2016

An Inside Look Into Trump's Unethical Business Practices

Donald Trump has got into a lot of trouble because of "Trump University" as he should. Students paid tens of thousands of dollars to attend this so called "university." In New York, it is illegal to call something that is not an accredited university, a university. As a result, Trump actually took the word "university" out of the name. Trump went on record to say he "handpicked experts to teach at Trump University". These so called experts are employees from fast food restaurants! That's not a joke. The course was supposed to cover real estate, and he picked guys from McDonald's to teach the curriculum. Now you might be thinking, what is the scam? The scam is that there were no classes! Students paid tens of thousands of dollars and when they went, they found out it was a scam. Not only that, but the "university" refused to give the students their money back. 

This is how Donald Trump makes his money. Does Warren Buffett bait students in charging them tens of thousands of dollars to teach his secrets on investing and then not have any classes? No. Does Bill Gates charge students tens of thousands of dollars by claiming to sell his secrets about computer programming and than not have any classes? No. Does Mark Zuckerberg promise students tens of thousands of dollars to reveal his secrets on creating an innovative product and then not have any classes? No. Do you know why? It is because rich and wealthy people make money by doing real business, not fraud and scams. Trump doesn't know how to run a business. He had four companies and all four of them went bankrupt. In the real estate market, he lost so much money that no solid investor or financial institution will loan him money to buy real estate. He just sells his name. He allows people to put the name Trump on hotels, golf courses, casinos, etc., and calls it real estate! So how is Trump rich? It is because of his father Fred Trump. If your father gave you $400 Million and put it into an index fund like Donald Trump' father, you would probably be more rich than Donald Trump. Donald Trump took out the money from the index fund when
the market was low. Everyone knows that when the market is low, it's the best time to buy. If Trump would have kept the money in the fund longer, it would have gone up to about $6 Billion. His net worth is estimated at about $2 Billion with every benefit of the doubt which does not include any expenses, debts or bankruptcies! If he would have kept the money in even longer, he would have had $11 Billion!

  Donald Trump's business is smokes and mirrors! If he is going to run America like his businesses, we're in trouble... 

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