Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turkey "Free" Thanksgiving....

 There once was a turkey named Arthur ,  Arthur was a very different turkey from any other turkey, because he lived in Alaska. Somehow he liked the winter, not because he did not want to be served as a Thanksgiving turkey, in fact he never even heard of Thanksgiving.

 One day Arthur was walking down the road, when he saw a bunch of people chasing after him. Arthur surprisingly  didn't run. Then he held up his wing and said," Um mm why are you chasing me?". 
They all looked like they were about to say" WHAT" but instead a tall man came up and said in a demanding way, "haven't you ever heard of Thanksgiving?" Hearing that Arthur shook his head. Then a young boy came up and grabbed Arthur by the wing and went on a walk with him to explain to Arthur what Thanksgiving was. After hearing the boy Arthur looked at him and said;" that's why my ancestors settled here". The boy looked at Arthur and said" I have an idea! we will go to the Mayor and make him declare you Ambassador Bird of Alaska!!!  that way every turkey will have  immunity from every ones Thanksgiving table!!"

 The next day Arthur and the boy went to the Mayor's office and told him the whole story, the Mayor was very understanding and he granted their request. Arthur was thrilled, but he had to make sure everyone knew about his new appointment as the Ambassador Bird of Alaska. Arthur said to the boy, "you are a lifesaver, but I need one more favor from you." The boy shook his head in agreement. A large crowd appeared in  front of where Arthur and the boy were standing . Right behind them  in the window  was a big sign that read: the Mayor had declared that from this day forward Arthur the turkey will be the honored title holder Ambassador Bird of Alaska.

When the crowd asked Ambassador Arthur what his first duty on this post will be ? He said; " With the help of my friend and every ones support, every Thanksgiving Table will  be turkey free in the great state of Alaska but do not be disappointed, I have  something for every ones Thanksgiving Table, Baked Alaska !!!" and then the people cheered and this was the best Alaskan Thanksgiving ever!!!!

P.S. Baked Alaska is a fancy dessert

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