Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"JOBS" Movie Review

The beginning of the movie caught my eye but the ending made me lose my attention. I think it should have showed more going on with NeXt and they didn't touch Pixar. They should have shown the magazine that had the top 10 people in business and Steve Jobs was one of them. They should have shown more of John Sculley and how him and Steve Jobs became best friends. I was hoping to see Bill Gates. The movie should have shown in depth how Steve Jobs came up with the name Apple.
The movie didn't touch on how the Genius Bar, iTunes, iPhone and iPad came into play.It should have definitely shown how he took the idea of the mouse from Xerox and made it better. It should have explained when Steve Wozniak left Apple, and how he created the remote. It should have ended with Steve Jobs's death & how the world mourned and came together after this great inventor and thinker left our world changed.I recommend you watch the movie, but do keep this in mind, that you will not get to learn all the details about his life. 

 But I still loved Jobs !!!

Signing off.... SINAN

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