Friday, December 9, 2011

Did you know the meaning of golf ?

Long time ago, before Golf became so famous as it is today, only men were allowed to play it. They secretly hid the meaning in the name GOLF , meaning " Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden ". I read about it in school the other day and thought that it wasn't fair to leave out all the ladies from the sport. If I had a chance to rename the sport of Golf I would name it  FLAGO , meaning "For Ladies & Gentlemen Only".
Now that's a cool name for a cool sport " FLAGO" ...



  1. Congratulations Son !!!
    I am sooo proud of you :) I think this a going to be a fun way to showcase your stories & thoughts... Remember that i'm always there as your cheerleader to support you and mom love you tons.... Write from your heart , think from your mind & always remember to be thoughtful of others & their feelings :)
    " You really are my sunshine "

  2. Nani ka nanna
    You make us proud......:)
    I remember all the stories you have written.... The best was from 2 years ago about a art teacher....loved it.
    Sinan now you can put all the stories on your blog which you have saved in your computer story follder. Take moms help to upload them....
    I love you so much.....
    Keep up the good work....
    Hugs & kisses

  3. WOW!!!! You are brilliant! I'm your #3 fan...after your mom and your nani!

    all the best my love

    anita aunty