Monday, December 26, 2011

My day as "Sargent Sinan Ko WHO "

Once a Who a time, my teacher thought we should dress up as a "WHO" from the book "How the Grinch stole Christmas“.
 Some people thought  I was dressed  as an elf. My Who name was " Sargent Sinan Ko WHO
My costume was a  hit !!!
 We read the book to kindergarteners. We had grapes, chicken nuggets on a stick ,a chicken nugget  on a biscuit and some apples. We also had to get a book and wrap it in wrapping paper and My teacher read a story and when it said right we passed the book right, and when she said left we had to pass the book to the left. It was a book swap game …

We even got our who ornament. And the moms got stickers and a fake Christmas tree and we got to decorate it.
We played Christmas bingo and when we got a bingo we got a treat and we used Hershey kisses and we got to take them home. We watched the Christmas movie Eloise. I gave my teacher a bracelet that my Mom bought. We had a great time.
I hope you all enjoy your Christmas and holidays as much as I did.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sneaky Tooth Fairy

You know, I really didn't believe in the tooth fairy and I really thought that it was my mom & dad but they always told me, No she came magically every time I lost my tooth.One time I even wrote a note for her to leave me more money and she wrote me back too... But I still didn't believe it . Then one time when we came back home I asked my mom because my dad was busy doing something that did the Tooth Fairy really exist and she told me the right answer which was that No she doesn't exist . It's really just me and dad, and then i told her "That's what I thought " !!!
So remember every time you loose your tooth your mom and dad are really the sneaky Tooth Fairies :)

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found in my moms keepsake box,I was 3 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Did you know the meaning of golf ?

Long time ago, before Golf became so famous as it is today, only men were allowed to play it. They secretly hid the meaning in the name GOLF , meaning " Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden ". I read about it in school the other day and thought that it wasn't fair to leave out all the ladies from the sport. If I had a chance to rename the sport of Golf I would name it  FLAGO , meaning "For Ladies & Gentlemen Only".
Now that's a cool name for a cool sport " FLAGO" ...