Thursday, September 4, 2014

NBA 2K 15 Wish List

Dear 2K Sports,

This is everything I want to see in NBA 2K 15. It would be appreciated if these changes would be made.....

General Gameplay:

-Bring back simple button controls, like if I wanted to do a euro step I double tap square instead of using the joystick
-Make attempting to steal more fluent instead of being completely out of position after you hit square
-Make rivalry games more competitive and exciting with more meaning, harder fouls, closer games and rowdier fans 
-Bring back starting lineup introductions
-Make a shooting option where the shot depends on both timing and real player % instead of one or the other
-Make hustle plays more fluent, like diving on the floor and passing from the floor.
-Make spin moves easier to control so not every time you spin the ball deflects off the guy who is guarding you, instead when you spin your body should rubbed off the defender to get by him like in real life
-Ejections for hard fouls 
-Multiple Announcers like Stacey King for the Bulls
-Creation Zone with Create a Player, Create a Team, Create a Court

-Have different presentation options like NBA on TNT or NBA TV or Fox Sports  

MyCareer Mode:

- Use alternate jerseys like black for the Chicago Bulls, red for the Detroit Pistons, and Christmas Jerseys
- Use any roster that you create outside of the game mode like custom rosters or current rosters
- More life like simulations in between games like talking to teammates in locker room, making endorsement deals with agent, and other interactions
-Play in a combine, not the rookie showcase, but one with drills and where you can talk to managers.
-Private workout session before the draft with the teams of your choosing to help get drafted by the team you want
-Customize accessories for each jersey, so if I want to wear a white shooting sleeve with my home jersey and a black shooting sleeve with my away jersey
-In the off season you should be able to recruit free agents to come to your team over social media and get recruited by players when you are a free agent.
-Also in the off season there should be more interaction like workouts and pick up games with NBA stars
-When your team is killing someone at the end of the game, you should be able to sub yourself out and get a standing ovation if you did well.
-Before each game you should warm up with your team for like 2 or 3 minutes doing stuff like layup lines and shoot around and talk trash to the opposing team.
-Before tip off get your name announced in the starting lineups
-Choose your rivalry player over social media like LeBron James instead of Jackson Ellis
- As you go through the seasons the announcers should talk about your past performances

-Be able to use alternate jerseys like a Christmas Jersey
-Fix trade logic and free agents Bug. Realistic Trades
-Let user have a phone to call GM, Owner or Coach to have a sit down and to call agent to check on sponsor deals

 Please comment below if you agree with these changes or if you could think of other changes I missed

Signing off....

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