Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 NFL Mock Draft Picks 6-10

6. New York Jets- Dante Fowler, DE/OLB

Since I mocked Vic Beasley to go to the Redskins and Leonard Williams to go to the Jaguars, Dante Fowler is the most realistic guy to mock at number six. 

7. Chicago Bears- Kevin White, WR

Since Brandon Marshall was traded to the Jets, Jay Cutler needs another target besides Alshon Jeffery. Kevin White, who did amazing in the combine is a big target just like Brandon Marshall was. 

8. Atlanta Falcons- Alvin Dupree, DE/OLB

Some might be surprised by Alvin Dupree over Randy Gregory or Shane Ray. I didn't mock Randy Gregory to Atlanta because of how bad he did in the NFL Combine and also because of his off the field issues. I didn't mock Shane Ray to Atlanta because of the fact that he does not fit in with the Falcons defense.

9. New York Giants- Brandon Scherff, OT/G

Brandon Scherff would make a lot of sense. The Giants have had trouble protecting Eli Manning the past few seasons. Brandon Scherff would be a massive upgrade. 

10. Saint Louis Rams- Ereck Flowers, OT

The Rams still have some problems on their offensive line. Jake Long's health was a serious concern so the Rams front office had to release him. Also Joseph Barksdale is a free agent. Ereck Flowers would be a piece of the puzzle for the Rams offensive line position.

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