Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Fight Of The Century

How can I not blog about the biggest event of the year! 
The undefeated 5 division world champion Floyd Mayweather is facing the 8 division world champion Manny Pacquiao.
 The tickets were sold out in only 60 seconds
This is the highest grossing fight ever. They broke so many records involving money. I think that Mayweather is going to win the fight. I think that Mayweather is going to win because he's faced different kinds of fighters and has never lost. He's faced heavy punchers, boxer punchers, and he's also faced unconventional fighters. The last reason I think Mayweather will win is because he's fighting for his legacy. He's going to fight extra hard because he wants to be known as the only undefeated boxer in the history of boxing. 

Who do you guys think will win?

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