Friday, April 24, 2015

My Perspective Of The Eagles Signing Of Tim Tebow

 I believe that Tim Tebow has a shot in making the Eagles roster. I think he has a shot because of the health concerns of Sam Bradford and the fact that we don’t have that much faith in Mark Sanchez’ mental toughness when it counts. Mat Barkley just isn’t good enough. I believe that if any coach in the NFL can utilize Tim Tebow’ strengths, Chip Kelly can. Chip Kelly refuses to think like an NFL coach, he still thinks like a college coach and he still runs a college read offense. Over the last 2 years, Chip Kelly and the Eagles ran the read option 514 times. Tim Tebow ran the read option extremely well with the Broncos. Tim Tebow took a 1-4 team and turned into the NFL’s leading rushing attack and most of it was done with the read option. He’s a good decision maker and he’s a good ball handler. I think that if Tim Tebow can make the routine throws, he’ll be very good for Chip Kelly because the biggest flaw I see in Tebow is his passing. One guy that I think is going to help Tim Tebow is Riley Cooper. The reason I think that is because of the fact that Tebow and Cooper were roommates in the University of Florida and also at the University of Florida, Tebow threw 9 touchdowns to Riley Cooper. What do you guys think about the Eagles signing of Tim Tebow?

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