Saturday, April 25, 2015

Predicting The 2014-15 NBA Season Award Winners

Most Valuable Player: Stephan Curry

Stephan Curry is my MVP. Curry is 3rd in PER, 1st in win shares, and 1st in plus-minus. He made his teammates better, made defenders fall over, and made himself into a better defender. He led the league's number 2 offense in scoring. The Warriors led the league in assists, and he led the Warriors in assists. He helped the Warriors get the best record in "clutch" games (22-8). There's no question that Curry is the MVP. 

Defensive Player Of The Year: Draymond Green

If Kawhi Leonard didn't miss 19 games, the award would have been his. Leonard's injury opened the door for Green. Draymond Green can bang in the post or defend guards in the perimeter using his long arms to get steals for the NBA's top rated defense. Think about this: Green is a 11.7 point per game scorer who because of his defense, is in line to get a near max contract.

Most Improved Player Of The Year: Jimmy Butler

A second half injury ended the early season MVP talk, but Butler still remains the runaway winner here. Butler improved on his scoring and playmaking this year. He's also a elite defender. Some people would argue that Rudy Gobert has become a elite defender but remember that before Butler's injury, he had been a major force on defense. 

6th Man Of The Year: Isaiah Thomas

What a bad year it has been for Isaiah Thomas who entered free agency last year with one wish, to finally become a starting point guard. Then he signed with the Suns, who already had two starting point guards, and was traded at the deadline to the Celtics, who were developing rookie floor general Marcus Smart. But Thomas emerged as Boston's best offensive option by averaging more then 19 points and 5 assists.

Rookie Of The Year: Andrew Wiggins

High profile rookies Jabari Parker, Joel Embid, Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon, and Doug McDermott all got stuck dealing with injuries. The Rookie Of The Year contenders came down to Andrew Wiggins, 2014's number 1 draft pick, a 2011 first round draft pick in Nikola Mirotic and a 2013 lottery pick in Nerlens Noel. Wiggins averaged more points and more minutes out of all of them. It's no question that Wiggins will win the Rookie Of The Year award.

Coach Of The Year: Steve Kerr

This rookie coach has empowered his stars like Phil Jackson, educated his bench like Gregg Popovich and pushed the pace like Mike D Antoni. The end result was that the Warriors had one of their best seasons in franchise history, they proved that they are elite on both sides of the ball, and made it into the playoffs as fan favorites unlike last year when they didn't even make it past the first round. 
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